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sunny 20 °C

1:10 PM
Venice Marco Polo Airport VCE
2h 20m flight

2:30 PM
London Heathrow Airport LHR
British Airways

Airbus A319

7h 25m layover
London LHR
9:55 PM
London Heathrow Airport LHR
14h 35m flight

Overnight flight
7:30 AM+1
Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport SCL
British Airways

Boeing 787

1h 05m layover
Santiago SCL
8:35 AM+1
Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport SCL
1h 35m flight

11:10 AM+1
Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport COR

July 20-22

As I arrive in argentina i would be staying at the casacalma hotel, I will be going to the Perito moreno glacier park. It is a stunning mass of ice spans 121 square miles and is still growing. Seeing the rich and blue in color this glacier is, it is just amazing .If you wait for a while, you’ll likely witness huge chunks of the ice mass fracture off and crash into the water, creating a massive, reverberating roar. There are walking paths that allow you to check out the glacier from a few different vantage points, as well as a boat that takes you on a 45-minute trip around the base. There are also trekking tours that take you out to walk on parts of the glacier itself, surrounded by the beautiful Patagonian

Today I will be visting iguazu falls. Iguazu falls is a series of waterfalls so massive they straddle the border of Argentina and Brazil. Seeing the falls was a was a great experince because the seeing all the falls comined together made it look even better because I've never seen so many falls combined together.


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sunny 19 °C

2:05 AM
Brasília International Airport BSB
6h 13m flight

Overnight flight
6:18 AM
Tocumen International Airport PTY

Boeing 737

2h 41m layover
Panama City PTY
8:59 AM
Tocumen International Airport PTY
2h 14m flight

12:13 PM
Simón Bolívar International Airport CCS

July 23-25

I will be staying at the hotel Mariott playa grande, The first thing I will be doing today is visit mount roraima.Mount roraima is a mount but when you look over the mounttain you dont see the ground you see like a fog and it almost looks like you're above the clouds. People call it the "floating island". Mount Roraima is surrounded by three different countries (Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana) whose borderlines intersect on the massive shelf, with all four sides being sheer 400-meter high cliffs.

Today I will be visiting the relampago del catatumbo. For 140 to 160 nights out of the year, for 10 hours at a time, the sky above the river is pierced by almost constant lightning, producing as many as 280 strikes per hour. Known as the “Relampago del Catatumbo,” this lightning storm has been raging, on and off, for as long as people can remember. Being able to see this in real life was truely amazing.

After visiting Mount roraima and seeing Relampagi del catatumbo I decided to spend my last day here eating Ice cream at cormoto ice cream shop theyre well known and sell the best ice cream here. After years of working for large ice cream companies, Portuguese immigrant, Manuel Da Silva Oliveira realized he could expand the horizons of ice cream, infusing it with all kinds of eclectic and exotic flavors, and opened Heladeria Coromoto in 1980.
His first attempt was avocado, and he wasted over 50kg of ice cream trying to perfect it. Now, it’s a local favorite, and can be paired with a number of flavors such as sweetcorn or black bean, as well as mango or coconut to bring out its sweetness.


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sunny 19 °C

July 17-19
12:15 AM
Piarco International Airport POS
6h 00m flight

Overnight flight
5:15 AM
George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH

I'am staying at the Portrait Roma hotel. The first thing I will be seeing in italy you proabably already guessed it beause everyone always visits it. The colosseum the colosseum is so beautiful to have experience in real life way better then how you woud see it on tv shows or movies. Fun fact it was built in only 9 years by 60,000 slaves. It is the biggest ampietheature.

I am visiting the Santa Maria della Concezione Crypts the crypts of Capuchin friars decorated with the bones of over 4,000 friars, including an entire "crypt of pelvises." It is actully weird hen you read that but in person it is really actually really pretty to look at because who knew you can make art out of bone. They believed that they should put all the friars there after they die to show the other friars to not be afraid of death or to meet god himself.

I am in love with spaghetti so I wil be going to Club del Doge I orderd Home-Made Squid ink bigolo pasta with PHEASANT HEN RAVIOL and FELICETTI MATT WHEAT SPAGHETTI. Club de Doge is a great resturant considering i have not been to italy before it wa such a great experince and the food was to die for.

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sunny 20 °C

July 14-16

7:25 PM
Porto Airport OPO
1h 50m flight

10:15 PM
Barcelona–El Prat Airport BCN

Day 1
As I arrive in spain I would be staying at the Mercer hotel in barcelona as I spend my 3 days her. The first thing I would be doing to day is visitng the famous bridge in Ronda Spain wihile you're there you could see the Plaza De Toros which is a Bull ring people go there to watch bull fights happen as seen in movies they have a real life one here for everyone to watch happen. As you walk around more you will also see Jardines de Cuenca - Cuenca Gardens it is a very beautiful garden to have experinced up close. Their are other places to go here and other things to see, I just gave samples.

Today im at the sagrada familia. Sagrada familia is a church in barcelona it is very beautiful church that has the most beautiful carvings in it. It is better to go in the morning or the late evening because you will see the way the sun hits the stainless steel glass at the sides of the church it fills the room with abundance of color. Sagrada Familia will be the largest church in barcelona.

I was craving some sea food so I headed to canmajo and orderd Clams with marinated sauce, Grilled medium squid , Tuna and tomato salad. It was absolutley amazing I rate this resturant with 10 stars if they had such thing. I liked it so much i actually orderd it again I recommend this resturant 100% if you want sea food and do not know where to go.

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sunny 20 °C

July 10 - 13th
3:54 PM – 6:15 PM
Nassau, Bahamas (NAS) – Atlanta (ATL) 2h 21m
Layover in Atlanta ATL 2h 05m

8:20 PM – 10:45 AM+1
Atlanta (ATL) – Paris (CDG) 8h 25m

Layover in Paris CDG 2h 35m
1:20 PM+1 – 2:55 PM+1
Paris (CDG) – Lisbon (LIS) 2h 35m

cost :1,895

Day 1
My first day in Portugal I would be arriving at the Heritage Avenida Liberdade hotel once I get settled in I will be going to the Jeronimos Monastery. The Jeronimos Monastery is known to be one the most decorative churches of portugal. The entrance is so beautiful it bound by a 32 meter high stone portal that incorporates carvings of the saints. Being in this church and seeing these carvings was a tremendous.

After seeing the Jeronimos Monastery i came back to my hotel. Today is day 2 and I decided to explore the waters of portugal by visiting the Lisbon Oceanarium. Libson Oceanarium is said to be the largest indoor aquarium in portugal. While I enter this aquarium you can see the most beautiful creatures on this earth such as penguins,otters and sea birds. Thatwould be the first time I have ever seen a sea bird if you would like to see a seas bird i would suggest going to this museum.

After visiting the Jeronimos Monastery & the Lisbon Oceanarium I think i would like to spend my last day eating some portuese food so i would be going to the Belcanto. Belcanto is the top place to go to if you want some food they have great dishes. The dish i chose to have was the Lisbon menu it had "dip in the sea" which sea bass and seaweeds and bivalves then I had egg crunchy bread and mushrooms. This resturant was amazing to be at the food was delicious I would come back anyday.

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